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HVAC instalations

Whether it is installation or maintenance of heating and cooling, ventilation and air conditioning devices, we are here to listen to your ideas, suggestions and provide you with the best possible solution.

We specialize in both internal and external distribution of air conditioning, heating and cooling installations, as well as connection, commissioning and maintenance of pumps, fans, compressors, heat exchangers.

We confirm our experience and knowledge with numerous installations performed at facilities such as the Fiat Factory in Kragujevac, the Terminal for Storage and Transshipment of Oil Derivatives in Sremski Karlovci, the Bosch Factory in Pećinci, and installations at the most modern residential facilities such as Novi Dorćol, K District, Sava Center and others.

Ventilation ducts production

We produce ducts for ventilation, climatization and smoke exhausting. Our assortment includes:

  • Square ducts and galvanized sheet fittings
  • Spiro channels and fittings made of galvanized sheet
  • Square welded ducts made of black sheet steel
  • Ventilation roof caps
  • Plenum boxes for distribution elements
  • Horizontal protective grills

We have a leak proof certificate for the manufactured ducts.


"Everything came from water!" said the Greek philosopher, Thales. And indeed, water is something we cannot live without.

That's why we are here to provide you with regular water supply and proper installations, following modern trends in architecture, construction and water management. We are here to solve all your doubts, requests, problems and questions.

Our activity includes all types of hydrotechnical installations, from design to execution of both external and internal installations, including hydro plants, pumps, tanks, roof drainage systems.

Our many years of experience was based on numerous completed buildings, such as: the residential and business complex in block A - New Belgrade, the "Central Garden" complex in Belgrade and others.

Process instalations

Although we don't always realize the importance of using compressed air, it is actually a vital part of most manufacturing processes today. Termo Tim has experts and licensed process engineers capable for the development, design and implementation of modern technical and technological solutions in this field.

We put special emphasis on the design and construction of compressor stations, which are an important link in every production plant, and the clean and dry air used by the plants or pneumatic tools guarantees their longevity. We advise all clients to install air dryers and line filters of various gradation, depending on the type of production, as well as depending of the level of sensitivity of the production facilities.

Sprinkler installations

One of the most common and effective method of fire protection.

It consists of a water supply system, which ensures adequate pressure and flow in the pipeline system for water distribution, to which fire sprinklers are connected.

Depending on the type of premises and the potential danger for water freezing, we perform a dry or wet sprinkler system.

Examples of our good implementation practice in this segment of installations are the LIDL Distribution Center in Nova Pazova, Ada Mall Shopping Center in Belgrade, GTC Green Heart in Belgrade, Robert Bosch Factory in Šimanovci.

Smoke protection

One of the most important segments of the passive fire protection system is fire ventilation. The basic task of these systems is to provide anti-smoke protection of people and anti-smoke protection of the building.

Our team of experienced engineers is fully trained for the implementation of smoke extraction systems, which has been proven by numerous references in this field.